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The advent of technology and the vision to keep track with the latest technology, we the RKM group now indulging us in the field of GIS to integrate the mission friendly environment.

Moreover, the branch of GIS is a peculiar stream to convey the message of nature in visualizing, analyzing, interpreting the wide geographically concern scenario. A decision making tool that helps provide a better assessment and utilization of the resources.

Today with a new Enovation to help and integrate IT with geography- A GIS keeps both as a unit. It is really glad to say that establishing such a new technology with the rhythm of time that demands globally offers huge capabilities in entire sectors from ground related issues to Space. Our structure combines the architecture that suits GIS and Remote-sensing technologies in a way to provide and enhance the capabilities in almost all the areas around us.

Market Reveiw

Systematic approach resulted in Clients relation.
So far RKM Geo Solution has integrated a virtual response system in GIS

Our Clients

Our Clients: At a glance:

Central Government and State Government Bodies.
Environmental Comapnies.
NGO's, Civic Societies,
GIS Companies,
Any Individual .............

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