About Us

To become a part of GIS community with tagline of already existing field in IT domain.We are emerging as one of the global competent in GIS domain. Having an existing platform of IT since 2009, and a thrust for technology lead us to the way of GIS.

As we already know that Geographical Information System which is better known as GIS in the world, has become a unique system that leads to a proper solution from daily life to space. Which the world GIS community has established throughout the years with a sustainable growth in each and every sector of human civilization. Alternately, GIS is being used for a better scientific result with the integration of user, people, data, hardware and software. Isn't it a viable system?

The more you explore , the more you get in time ; the main pillar of our company. In GIS, data is the most important key, however the capability of GIS is much more which seems in the current scenario. GIS has many applications from agri to urban planning, maintaing peace to war, population issues to pollution, trafficing to networking, road network to transmission and many-more. We are dealing with GIS and Photogrammetry projects.We are also handling survey parts as well as we have trimble equipments with us.

The integration of GIS and Remote-sensing technologies support the decision flavour for each sectors. With the ever growing issues and a fast demand of nature, we the RKM group has come up with our GIS ideas on a new platform for emerging thoughts.