Geo-Application Developement

As we have expertises in IT domain, and a well talented team , the GIS Application development has much concern with our newly and esteemed branch RKM GEO SOLUTIONS leads to a better result. We provide wide range of spatially integrated customized softwares related to Map, Networking, custom tools for spatial analysis, MobileGIS ,and Web GIS etc.

Our Application development includes:

  • Utility Management,
  • Web GIS,
  • Mobile GIS,
  • Open Source Softwares,
  • Enterprise GIS,
  • GIS customized softwares for DTM,
  • Construction, Facility Management,
  • Vehicle tracking,
  • Hydrology,etc.
  • Specific management softwares:

    Disaster Management, Trafficing and Networking. Tracers location indicator.